Book Of The Dead

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Victorian Post mortem photography was more about remembering loved ones in the form of a keepsake than an obsession with death. In the Victorian era many people died in childhood and so a photo of them after death would possibly have been the only reminder they had of their child after they were gone. There are so many of them around today because of the invention of cheaper ways to take photo’s and so many family used to post multiple copies of them to other family members. A lot of the images show children reposing on a couch or they were posed with other family members or taking part in activities as they would in life. Today it is hard to understand their reasoning behind what must seem to some to be a odd and morbid practice. Some used specially designed frames in order to make the deceased appear as though they were naturally standing. They would also sometimes paint eyes onto the subject in the photograph or use devices to keep the eyes open giving them more of a lifelike appearance. A lot of the photo’s in this image are of children so please keep that in mind before you wander through the gallery.


















  1. Wendy Sells says:

    with all of the people should stop and think what they are doing and let the dead rest in peace in the ground to were God can look over them and take them up to heaven with him. from Wendy Sells

  2. Jeanne says:

    I remember seeing a book like this somewhere in my youth….I always wondered about it, and if I had really seen it.
    Now I know for sure that I have.

  3. James K Moran says:

    omg really ivan? thats a bit creepy but i guess each to his own. i guess in victorian times it was a ll pretty normal so mebbe the kids werent upset by it

  4. ivan stewart says:

    these practices are still being done in the appalachia mountains…although not so much today…my grandfather had his casket brought out to the front yard and propped up a little so every one could have their picture taken with him…

  5. rob jones says:

    this is really creepy. how could they want to keep photos of their dead children?

    • gail says:

      How cruel some of them are. look at number 14 with that poor little boy having to sit by his dead brother and pose for the camera.

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