Buddy Holly Autopsy

The body of Charles H Holley was clothed in an outer jacket of yellow leather like material in which 4 seams in the back were split almost full length. The skull was split medially in the forehad and this extended into the vertex region. Approximately half the brain tissue was absent. There was bleeding from both ears, and the face showed multiple lacerations.

 The consistency of the chest was soft due to extensive crushing injury to the bony structure. The left forearm was fractured 1/3 of the way up from the wrist and the right elbow was fractured. Both thighs and legs showed multiple fractures. There was a small laceration of the scrotum.



$193, 2 cufflinks, silver 1/2 inch balls having jeweled band, top portion of ballpoint pen.

Buddy Holly’s grave can be found here

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