Elvis Presley Ghost


Elvis Presley died at the age of 42 on August 16th 1977 and a whole generation went into mourning. He was buried at Graceland but is said to have returned to the home that he loved. There are many photos that have been taken by people visiting the mansion who claim to see his ghost looking out of an upstairs window or standing near his grave. He has also been seen rushing up the stairs inside the house.


Others have told of seeing the star as he was in army uniform and some people allege that they picked him up from the roadside and take him to the gates of Graceland.4


Many have asked staff who the man dressed up as Elvis is on tours but they have been told that there is nobody dressed that way. Toilets flushing with nobody near them have been heard along with doors closing and opening on their own. Voices are heard when nobody is around. In the late 80’s, whilst on a tour of Graceland many people reported that a young Elvis came up to them and said ‘What are you doing in my home?’

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