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Patick Swayze – American actor, singer and dancer. August 18th 1952 – September 14th 2009. Age at time of death-57.


Death – Swayze died on September 14th 2009 from pancreatic cancer aged 57. After initally being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in janurary 2008, Swayze believed a year later that he was beating the disease. His particular type of tumour was an intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm.However this was not to be. The cancer spread to his stomach for which he underwent surgery. Swayze continued to believe he was responding well to treatment. Towards the end of july 2008 Swayze was given just weeks to live. In January 2009 it was found that a small mass had spread to his liver and early that month he was hospitalized with pneumonia.



In April the cancer had further spread and the end came on september 14th 2009, 20 months after first being diagnosed. Swayze was cremated and his ashes were spread over his ranch in New Mexico. A private memorial was held for him and his white stallion was there with Swayze’s boots placed backwards in the stirrups.


  1. Neil McGuire says:

    Patrick, I cry just thinking about you man. You were the best- a hero and a symbol of hope and masculinity for all. Rest in peace and we will never forget you. I love you!

  2. Rita Bonello says:

    Rest in peace patrick. You are always on our hearts

  3. marcos says:

    honestly, it does lack a lot of the movies. was a great actor and probably an optimal person. God bless you.

  4. jojo says:

    Mr. SWAYZE

    R.I P. & PRAYERS 2 UR FAMILY. U WIL B VERY MISSED. YOU WERE AN INSPIRATION TO ME FROM THE MOVIES “GHOST & DIRTY DANCING” (my fav) & other amazing movies you made. B with God & u have an amazing wife that stood by you through tge good & the bad, thick & thins, that is wat TRUE MARRIAGE COVENANT IS ALL ABOUT. UR MARRIAGE SHOULD B AN EYE OPENER 4 OTHER MARRIAGES !!! God bless your family 2day & alwys !!!

  5. Rick Welch says:

    Patrick Swayze was an icon I grew up with. I am very saddened of his passing. If I could talk to you face to face, I’d say to you Patrick, “Your an American Icon, and I love you sir and appreciate you and your talent, sorry you have passed on”. Rest in Peace and I salute you sir!

  6. jane coates says:

    Still can’t believe your gone x

  7. Nash says:

    RIP Patrick, U were really amazing. I miss you.

  8. Gennady Vinichenko says:

    The best from the best person !!!
    The endless respect and recognition of the great real man !!!
    He lived with dignity and not repeatable.
    The eternal memory

    My regards

  9. eya says:

    you will never forget,,,, rest in peace,,,

  10. just in aw says:

    The best of the best, R.I.P

  11. Cierra says:

    Wow, I was just watching dirty dancing a few days ago, you were an amazing actor and looking at the pictures you grew sick very fast.
    RIP you will never be forgotten.

  12. PILAR ALMIRA says:

    i just watched Ghost once again and really amazed with the acting gift that our loving God has given to Patrick and Demi. Ms. Goldberg was so superb as well. I said a prayer for Patrick and googled his background. What a wonderful actor, dancer and singer was he. I salute his parents for raising him, and his wife for standing by him for such a long time. Salute to Patrick, Demi and Whoopi!

  13. Greg says:

    You were an inspiration to all.
    Hope yer doing well in heaven.

  14. salwa says:


  15. Rr Hh says:

    You were awesome!

    • Pinky says:

      I really love Patrick¡¡¡ Not only for his acting, singing ,and dancin(, but he was the.most handsome gentleman that I have seen . I will never forget Patrick Swayze¡¡I love him ;»C

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